Animal Tracks

Join us on a global adventure to learn about the world’s most amazing places and creatures! Throughout this unit, we’ll play interactive sports and games inspired by our “travels” to the world’s biomes, including the rainforest, savanna, and ocean!

Around the World in 8 Sports

Ever wondered what sports other children your age around the world are playing? Each week the students will focus on a different country and a sport that is important to their culture. Grab your passport and travel with us to Asia, South America, Australia and Europe, as we get active and learn new sports.

Go back in time and play games your parents and grandparents played in their backyards! Each week we will learn and play new games that test coordination and skill while having fun with our friends. This class will include games like Kick the Can, Spud and relay races.  Each week you will be able to leave with games for you and your siblings or friends to enjoy.

Backyard Games

Want to learn about some of the different martial arts that are found across the globe without leaving your school? Join us as we “visit” countries around the world to learn more about the cultures behind unique martial art styles such as karate, kung fu, and taekwondo.

Eye of the Tiger

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Join us on a journey to Ancient Greece as we learn about the history and evolution of the Olympics. Each week we will learn about and try some of the different sports involved in the Olympic games while having fun with our friends. This unit culminates with our very own mini-Olympics!

Junior Olympians

Lights, Camera, Action!

Have you ever seen a sports movie that was “based on true events” and wondered what the real story was behind it? In this class, we’ll investigate some of the true history and people involved in Hollywood sport movies, as well as try out our skills at the sports portrayed. Each week, the students will focus on a different kid-friendly sports movie and the events it depicts.

Want to learn about the games being played all over the world and never leave your school? Join us on a journey around the globe, as we “visit” a different continent each week. With each stamp of your passport, we will explore a different aspect of that culture through stories, activities, games & more.

Passport Play and Games

World of Dance

Want to learn how to dance like kids from countries such as Spain, Brazil, and China? In this class, we’ll try out a variety of unique moves as we learn about the history of some of the coolest dances from different cultures around the world! Each week, students will focus on a different culture, learning about its dances and the importance of dance to its people and history.