How Sports and Games Can Help Kids Become Better Global Citizens


Kids can become better global citizens by being exposed to games they might not otherwise know. This is just one way to give children cultural experiences that will make them more empathetic.

This is one of the reasons why we started Globetrotter Games—we believe it’s important for kids to learn more about other cultures, and that giving them these learning opportunities in a fun, supervised environment is the best way for them to get exposed to new experiences and games and make a lasting connection with them.

Here’s why this is so important:


  • It makes children more accepting and embracing of differences: Experiencing and learning about other cultures is imperative in developing acceptance and tolerance from a young age. There are many studies that have shown children who grow up exposed to much more racial and cultural diversity are significantly less likely to be prejudiced against other races and cultures later in their lives.


  • It helps children take an active interest in other cultures: Introducing children to other cultures through games and sports can really get them hooked to learning more about that specific culture. This eagerness to learn more will manifest itself in classes and in a child’s everyday life.


  • It leads to children being more aware of world issues: The more children are exposed to various other cultures when they are young, the more they will be aware of important world issues when they grow older, and therefore more prepared to be able to make a difference through work, philanthropy or other means.


In a time when there is so much division, sports and games have the ability to bring children together and teach them the importance of being empathetic global citizens, all while they’re having a great time running around and playing with each other. What could be better than that?

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Joshua Chernikoff